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FitYo has the ability to change the way people search for fitness & sports, and simplifies the ever confusing industry.

The stylish yet powerful App will help you get the outcome you're looking for. The contrast in colours draws you in and clearly outlines the text to ensure its easy to read and to make it as easy to use as possible.

Exposure is key!

Being fitness professionals ourselves, we understand how difficult and expensive it can be getting your business of the ground, let alone getting more clients.

Our proven track record with our customers have helped their businesses grow without the need for extra marketing. We are driven to help you succeed, so why not let us do the hard work for you?

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Customer Support

Our dedicated Customer Support team are there to help and would love to hear from you. Contact us: support@fityo.com.

Collaborate & Communicate

Communicate with instructors, clubs, gyms and personal trainers in your area. Whether you're looking for exercise, to purchase products or to rent space, this platform allows you to do it all.

Plans built for everyone

We cater for: Instructors, Clubs, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Retailers and equipment suppliers. Try one of our personalised plans today!

Customizable Profile

Ever heard the phrase of keeping all of your eggs in one basket? FitYo enables you to include all of your social media links and website in your profile. This helps the user experience, not just for getting clients, but building more presence through all of your social media pages.


5246+ Classes Classes
2093+ Gyms Gyms
637+ Clubs Clubs
1240+ Personal Trainers Personal Trainers

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Just some of the unique benefits you can get with Premium Membership.

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No minimum term, just sign up and pay monthly for as long as you like.

Be Discovered

Be found easily through Geolocation or direct searches.

Unlimited Listings

Get unlimited class & club listings through the FitYo app.


Premium membership enables you to group message all your clients.

Build Client Trust

Premium membership allows you to grow client trust through advertising written and point based reviews.

Loyalty & Special Offers

Advertise special offers and discounts direct to users through the FitYo app.

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About FitYo

FitYo is an application made by fitness professionals to help people like you achieve the fitness goals you are looking for.

We have designed the UK’s first sports and fitness finder app where we bring every sector of the industry onto one platform. It makes it easy for you to find the best Classes, Clubs, gyms or personal trainers in your local community.

You can use it on the go, you can use it at home. No matter where you are, we will help you find the best way to exercise that is just around the corner.

So if you're bored of doing the same old classes? Then why don’t you try something new.

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On the iPhone App Store

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have any further questions please contact us and we will be happy to help!

Why Choose FitYo?

Are you struggling to get clients or fill classes? We do the hard work for you by advertising to thousands of people actively looking for exercise everyday!

we want you to be successful!

I have a technical problem how do I email?

Contact the Customer support team on: 01395 202 096 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) and they can help resolve your enquiry.

Is this service always going to be free?

Yes! We understand how competitive the fitness industry can be, we want to help you and your business on the road to success!

I am a retailer / supplier, how do I sell on FitYo?

You can NOT directly sell, however what we offer is a wide network of people actively searching for fitness goods. Choose the delegated package for retailers & suppliers. When making your profile you can upload photo’s and descriptions of what you stock then directly link FitYo with your website and paying service. We do not want to take a percentage from each sale you make, that's why we came up with the idea to have a streamlined process to navigate away from FitYo on to your own website.

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